Celadon VIP

Celadon VIP is a playground exclusively for the rich, as well as business men and celebrities and other high quality gentlemen to come to and either relax or handle other business affairs (Discreetly) surrounded by beautiful women like porn stars, and new actresses, as well as some of the most beautiful models, and companions from all over the world who are there specifically to give you an unforgettable, pleasurable experience everytime.
The video provided is a shared video to give investors an idea of what we are going to achieve. We are currently seeking investors and partners to make this vision into a reality on either a private island that already has a fully furnished estate on it such as those found here at Vladi private islands  or we could acquire a beautiful mansion and privatize the property to make it our headquarters and members only clubhouse.
There is no need for a long drawn out business plan for this project. The return on investment will be based upon clubhouse membership dues and percentage splits with the models with a percentage going to whoever invests. We will also utilize our location as a fully functional production studio, and corporate private event location for companies worldwide which will also produce ROI and many other profitable opportunities.
The adult entertainers will be rotated in and out from all over the world with new girls settling in each month and they will have to be cared for, hence the reason for club house membership fees. They must also be compensated for their time from club members as well. This is the only way that such an idea and concept will be able to be maintained long term.
The GOAL is to have club houses in south america, europe and asia over time. Perhaps Brazil, The dominican republic, Amsterdam, and Thailand or the Philipines.
We envision being self contained with fresh gardens growing our own healthy foods as well as being fully solar powered for electricity, etc..
We know and believe that we can manifest this private getaway and make it a successful endeavor as our members are broad and wide all over the planet and will continue to grow.
If interested in being a part of CELADON INTERNATIONAL and it's many growth ideas from now into the future contact us at [email protected]