Greetings, and let us start by first saying that many of you probably doubt the effectiveness of our services with regards to our presence at your corporate events or private parties but if you are in any way familiar with the week long AVN AWARD festivities that take place at the Hardrock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas every year in January, and if not then just Click Here for photos to get a small glimpse in to the power of the multi-billion dollar "Adult Entertainment Industry."  We go to the awards every year and the fact of the matter is that just by observing its attendees when your there you will quickly notice that the majority of them mostly consists very successful middle aged to upper aged male and female business executives from all areas of business and from all over the world just drinking and partying until the wee hours of the morning. They even out number the attending celebrities from the music and major motion picture industries by a long shot, and many of them don't even get near to, or have the opportunity to meet one single MAJOR adult film star in person, they only meet the new girls and amateurs which is perfectly fine with them, they take pictures with the new talent just like they would an adult film legend because one day she is going to be that star at the awards in the near future.  However, why are these executives there? They are there for the energy! and the highly charged provocativeness of the environment, being able to express their inhibitions freely for a whole week. So before doubting the effectiveness of our models and entertainers presence at your function please do research and consider all of the above?
Our process is very simple because we don't plan your event, we staff it for you with vibrant, attractive adult film actresses, models and other adult entertainers to spice up the environment of your private parties, corporate gatherings, trade shows, conventions, and YES! even your wedding. 
All we need from you is the event details such as the dates, times, and location as well as the events theme, style of dress, what role or positions you'd like for our models to play within the event, such as food & beverage servers, greeters, fashion models, dancers or other performance types that may interest you along with the budget amount you intend to utilize with regards to this particular aspect of your function so that we can properly assess how much each individual model will be paid, either by flat rate or by the hour, and if any travel or lodging expenses will be necessary in the event that you choose a model or actress from a different state other than the one that the event will take place in, and then we will simply contact our database of models and performers to see if they are interested, as well as check their availability, and ability to commit. Once we gather that information we will begin to send you portfolios, stats and performance Genres of the interested available talent for you to pick and choose from, and those that you select we will have commit to the job and be available to you on your specified time, date and location. 
Bare in mind that we do not provide references because most companies, or company executives wish to remain private when they utilize us for staffing which also means that your personal, and your companies privacy will also be upheld and maintained as well whether an NDA is involved or not, so that neither you or any of the companies or associates that you are affiliated with will ever be contacted by anyone regarding a reference from us but do feel free to refer us to others anytime. 
Also, there are no boundaries with regards to dress codes with our models as they are adult entertainers and adult entertainment performers & models. We have had events where the style of dress for them was only body paint, so feel free to use your imagination as long as it is not degrading, harmful, painful, or psychologically, traumatically, or physically damaging to them of course. This should go without saying but must be addressed.

Many contact us and ask how much we charge or what a typical budget amount is in order to utilize our services but it is important to note that you must present to us your available budget range, along with the event theme, and location (City and state) before we can even begin to calculate that assumption for your particular function. Reason being is because we have to consider things such as whether the style of dress that you require is something that each model already has, such as bathing suits, lingerie, mini skirts, body suits, etc. like things that are easily accessible to them to bring with them to wear at the event, but if you want costumes or body paint or any other unique style of dress incorporated into your event we suggest that you go over those details with your event planners in order to have a professional there for you to dress the models when they arrive, otherwise it will have to be provided by us and some travel and materials expenses might be incurred in order for us to bring a staff along.
We need you to understand that professional caterers will most likely need be present at the event as well because our girls are not cooks or chefs of course. They are eye candy and greeters and socialites who may be able to bring the drinks or the horderves, as well as comforting conversation to attendees, etc. but do not expect them to be the bartenders if you catch my drift. 
We also must stress that the majority of the girls are up and coming established or new adult film starlets newly involved in their adult entertainment careers, some have been for years with semi branded stage names, and some only for months and who are appearing in films and other areas of work in the industry like print and internet based adult modeling now, so being able to network with, and rub shoulders with business executives does add esteem to their careers, especially if the people attending the event are friendly with them and don't treat or talk down to them for what they do. We do get suggestions for TOP NAME XXX STARS frequently also, and who many of them we do have access to but it is important to note that the big name stars are not going to serve drinks or horderves at your function. They may do an appearance for a pretty penny but the question is do you really want to just end up paying a whole lot of money to someone to just show up, make themselves known, and then leave without socializing? I don't think so. So it might be wise to just simply stick to our format because most likely your guests will appreciate it more, but if your budget allows you to pursue the bigger industry names we will certainly try to secure the arrangement for you. 
Another thing for you to consider is your events location. Being that most adult entertainment actresses are generally located in Los Angeles & Miami mostly, but also sprinkled throughout New York, and Atlanta with even a minority of them residing throughout small town USA, and other regions, if your event is not central to or close to one of those major cities for example say a Los Angeles to Las Vegas distance wise then the travel & food and lodging accommodations will be required to be covered by either yourself or your company even with the distances outlined in the Los Angeles to Las Vegas distance example outlined above. We do not cover the models travel expenses "Unless" it's already been obtained by us as an "All in" budget.
What we have provided here is just a brief synopsis of what you could utilize as somewhat of a check list before contacting us to staff your event.  Step one and the easiest way to deal with us is by first using your imagination to envision how awesome it would be to have several hot, naughty models catering to your affiliates, it always makes for great after parties, but also you should assess the type of crowd or associates that will be attending your event and if we are the right fit for you. If your team is an upbeat vibrant crowd that knows how to loosen up while still conducting business then we are perfect for you, so together with your event planners come up with your theme, and then calculate your available budget for services such as ours and then CONTACT US and lets begin the process of staffing your event.