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Maybe you or some of your friends have considered getting in to the adult entertainment industry but didn't know the best way to go about doing it, and you have been reading through fake ads and fake advertisements and websites from wanna be directors, companies, and studios getting you nowhere but "Screwed" Literally.

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You see a hot girl when your out and about ages 18-30 or any other way that you choose to strategically scout out new talent, and simply ask them if they'd like to make a lot of money as an adult entertainer or a porn actress, and if she is interested send her to our website? If she signs with us to manage her career we will pay you 5% of our 20% that we receive from her off of every single job that she does in the industry under contract with our management agency acting as her representation. If you don't know what we do just visit our About page for all of the details 

5% commission may not seem like much to you until you calculate the facts, which are that females ages 18-23 start off making anywhere from $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 per month as an actress when they are represented by a professional company like Celadon International finding them REAL movies and films by major studios and directors. So say that in the event that the performer that you brought to us makes the low end amount of $10,000.00 in a one month time period? Our 20% earned for representation would be $2,000.00 which means that the 5% of that being given to you would earn you $100.00 in your sleep for that month.

Now, imagine that you bring new talent to the table all of the time? Say that 5 girls that you bring signs with us? That's $500.00 to $1,000.00 a month in your pocket each month for as long as that performer is signed with us and appearing in films and shoots, and all you had to do was recruit her by asking her a simple question and directing her to our website to sign up. EASY MONEY!! and keep in mind that "most" if not all porn actresses make porn a long term career because the money is great when represented by a company like ours. So over time if they do 1000 shoots and your getting 5% per shoot per girl that you have brought to us, you do the math? and remember that the more they work the more they become in demand which means that their prices per film increases which makes your earnings increase as well.

So get out there and bring us some girls? You won't be disappointed that you did..

Just contact us at [email protected] with any questions that you may have or whenever you find someone you'd like to submit to us, or have already referred to us, and let us know, and lets begin to get the ball rolling :)