The information that you provide is for Celadons private use only and will not be shared with anyone else other than potential employers looking to hire you. By submitting your info to us you agree to allow Celadon Adult Entertainment Agency to advertise and promote you to potential employers and clientele in the pursuit of paid employment for you the model / entertainer and will not be held responsible for the jobs that you the model / entertainer chooses to perform. Celadon is acting on your behalf as a medium to find you the entertainer a vast array of legitimate work in the adult entertainment industry for a percentage of what you are paid for each individual job that you accept and complete. There are no paychecks direct from Celedons agency to you unless you are signed under contract with us as an exclusive Celadon model / entertainer and in both circumstances you are responsible for the reporting of your own taxes to the IRS if you so choose to. Please answer all of the questions on this webpage honestly and to the best of your ability via email with your current contact info so that we can better accommodate you. You can copy and paste  our questions and answer them that way or just answer them in a Bio form. Either way is fine as long as your remember to send photos that best represent what you look like now and currently. Please answer the questions below and lets get to work getting you out there making money. Thank you and please be sure to read our Privacy Policy ..

** IMPORTANT ** As with any adullt entertainment company you will need to have a checklist of these things needed in order to work. You must have a valid state issued ID whether it be a drivers license or regular government issued ID card (student cards) can not be accepted. You must also have your Social Security Card, be 18 years of age or older, and be CURRENTLY tested for HIV and STD's and remain current if you are going to work as an adult film actress. These things are required by law and you will not be able to work without them. If you are applying as a NON-Adult oriented model all things still apply except for the HIV and STD testing.

If you do not have the things required as of yet you may still apply with us and if approved we will still create you a portfolio with us but will not be able to help you to obtain work until those documents are received.

Before we can add you to our database of available models or companions for hire we will need you to send us your best (CURRENT) photograpghs that best represent which employment positions that you desire to have in the adult entertainment industry (Nudes are ok) Breasts and Behind is fine. Bikini, Lingerie, Underwear is best and you will need to provide full body shots front and back even if they are selfies, as long as your not exposiing your private area. We will also need the following information as well.  

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Desired Job Types *  (Only inform us of job types for which you wish to get offers. (Choose as many as you like) (Describe your specific skills, objectives, job requirements and experience, as well as any other comments.) When emailing us your info you can also include links to your past and present works as well. Photographic images and or video links are fine.

Job types :



Companion / Escort?
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Massage Therapist?

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Also, please name every website that you are currently advertising or promoting yourself on as of now and in the past seeking work in the adult industry? Please be honest and leave none out so that we have a better idea of places other than our own network to present you to that you are not already using.

Now just Email all of your info and pictures to  [email protected]  and we will be in touch with you very soon. Thank you..