We at Celadon Adult Entertainment Modeling represent several actresses, models, and entertainers in Adult Entertainment Media worldwide as well as within a vast array of other categories and genres. We help manage careers in both Adult entertainerment as well as in the NON-Adult oriented entertainment industry as well, from Actresses, to Models, to Exotic dancers & More.  What we do is get you work in the Professional adult entertainment industry such as (XXX Movies, internet modeling and print, reality shows, conventions, tradeshows, and much more).. We also offer EVENT HOSTING  providing our performers, and models a chanc to work tfor companies, and private individauls as well, and we are under the umbrella of  Celadon International  which is a TALENT MANAGEMENT / ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING & PROMOTIONSADVERTISING, and ENTERTAINMENT BOOKING Company..
Whether you are applying for work through us at Celadon Modeling in the adult entertainment industry as a model or porn actress, or SEVERAL other categories you desire to get in to the game,  Celadon Adult Entertainment Modeling  website is where you will apply with all of your information for review. All submissions with photos should be sent to [email protected]

 Celadon modeling is not prejudice with regards to who we represent, so we are very open minded to many different looks and different types of "FEMALE"  entertainers due to the fact that there is something for everyone in this wonderful world of ours, and everybody is different with regards to what they like so don't be hesitant when contacting us? We will still give you a shot and present you to our large database of companies and professionals to view your bio & portfolio.

The process is very simple, whether we found you out in public or online and scouted you out, or you found us, all we need to get started is your most recent photographs or those that TRULY represent what you look like now, and a brief description of yourself and the type of work that you are looking for in the adult entertainment industry along with your contact information. Just click on the APPLY  button to get started and please keep in mind that you can not fill out and submit the form from the apply page. This was done purposely to have you take the time to actually write out what you'd like to say about yourself so that we can use it as the Bio for your portfolio to send out. Therefore, you are to use the apply page as a template in order to give us a detailed description of yourself.
Unless we ask you to sign with us exclusively for a period of time or not you will be acting as an independent contractor meaning that you will be responsible for reporting to and paying your own taxes to the IRS and you will also be responsible for the job offers that you choose to work with when work is offered to you.

Our job is to get you noticed and requested by the established adult entertainment companies that we deal with, as well as take care of your contract negotiations, and manage your career but it is up to you whether you accept any and all offers or not. Either way it is your duty to be very professional and respectful in any endeavors that you partake in.

Percentage splits per job vary depending on what type of project or job it is that you will be doing but it will always be fair and is usually 20%. If yourself and our company can't agree on a fair and proper percentage split on any given project we will simply bypass that job and move forward to other prospective projects and jobs for you. We do this in order to keep a good relationship with you and to ensure that neither of us are getting cut out of what is properly owed to the both of us at that particular time. It is very important to be professional so that we can trust each other in the present, and the future to continue to make money together long term.

That being said just know that we do like to have fun and party and throw parties as well. We like to spoil those that we represent because we want you to be happy with us at all times and we hope that you will become a part of our team.